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Ohio River

The Ohio River crossing where Jacob Pingrim escaped.

Safe House

Safe house for escaping slaves.

About Author

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Johnny Payne is a novelist, poet, and dramatist.   His novels include The Hard Side of the River, Bedfellows, Silver Dagger, Second Chance, La Muerte de Papi, Vampire Girl, North of Patagonia, Kentuckiana.  Books of poetry are Heaven of Ashes, Vassal, Bit-Coin Orgy, and Midnight Sutra.  Other books are a memoir, Confessions of an Also-Ran, and Conquest of the New Word, She-Calf and Other Folk Tales. 

He reviews poetry for Cleaver Magazine and is the fiction editor Dispatches from the Poetry Wars.  With Andy Campbell of Dreaming Methods, he produces and co-develops virtual reality experiences for creative writing seminars. He will direct his plays Los Feliz and Cannibals in Los Angeles in 2019-20.  A play and an opera, The Devil in Disputanta and Skyland have been produced on university and professional stages.

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